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The Wavy Shelf 550 - White

The Wavy Shelf 550 - White

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Designed with wavy lines and curves in mind, our Wavy Shelves are a great way to add character to your wall and soften sharp lines.

Make a statement and stack them in a group, or keep them single. Mount them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or by the front door for your keys. The FOLD Wavy Shelf is a functional shelf that can be used anywhere in the home and is even suitable to use outdoors. It is sure to become one of your most-used pieces.

Available in three sizes so there is a size to suit your room, no matter how large or small it might be.

Laser cut signature 'M' validates our quality. Countersunk holes, plastic-free packaging. Holds Up to 3kg when fixed into nogs / a stud (or wall toggles have been used)

Made in New Zealand


550mm x 120mm x 80mm


2mm Dulux powder coated aluminium construction (rust and water resistant)

Product weight: 0.2kg

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