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Wilson & Dorset

Sheepskin Footstool

Sheepskin Footstool

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Extra Long Wool is our most luxurious pile length, making for a true interior statement. This range is a celebration of the innate characteristics of wool in its purest form - preserving the natural curl and growth of each sheepskin. The pile length can vary between 60-80mm, depending on the natural growth of the fleece. Plush and silky to touch, these skins are ideal for spaces needing texture, warmth, or an extra layer of interest. Whether you love a minimal aesthetic or take a “more is more” approach to your interior scheme, an Extra Long Wool footstool will settle effortlessly into your space.

Recommended use:

- Floor Seat
- Footstool
- Ottoman
- Head rest
- Floor cushion
- Companion to our Shaggy Bean Bag

The Wilson & Dorset Footstool - our take on a lounge room classic. Designed to fit your natural bends and curves, the Sheepskin Ottoman's organic shape is inspired by our local river-stones smoothed by the mighty waterways of New Zealand's South Island.

Firm enough to use as a floor seat and soft enough to get cosy with as a headrest or floor cushion. The perfect companion to our Shaggy Bean Bag, the two form a dynamic duo as a comfy and portable modular setup. Your Wilson & Dorset footstool is an ideal introduction to the pure joy of sheepskin lounging.

Dimensions Height 28cm Length 70cm (approx)

Material 100% sheepskin outer / 100% polyester fill

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